13 Things I Learned in 2013 (as a new mom)


As we are all prepare to bring in 2014, its hard not to reflect on 2013. This year was full of so many ups and downs including babies being born! Being that we are a part of the New Mom Crew of 2013, here 13 things that we learned this year….

  1. Just because their baby had acid reflux, it doesn’t mean yours does also. People are going to give their own advice regardless if you want it or not so just listen anyway. Just keep in mind that just because it happened to them that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you. Honestly, a lot of the advice is pretty good. Which leads me to #2…

  2. Don’t be afraid to talk to other mothers. After my bundle was born, I joined Meetup groups, attended “Mommy & Me” classes to learn more about breastfeeding and called on other women who were mothers before me. Advice from others is way better than figuring it out on your own. Now, not all advice may always pertain to your little one and if all else fails please call your doctor, but it  does feel good to talk to someone who has already experienced what you are going through.

  3. They really do grow fast. People say it all the time and its true. Take as many pictures as you can!

  4. No matter where you go, people are going to always love babies. There is no way around it. If you want to shield your child from people wanting to touch and hold them, stay at home.

  5. The highlight of my days have become seeing what new activity or body part my child has discovered. Watching your child grow and develop each day is the most amazing experiences a parent can ever have.

  6. It’s okay if your baby cries a little.  Really, it won’t hurt them, I promise. When they were newborns, I attended my little ones needs each time he made a peep. As they mature, you adjust and learn their different cries. So you will know when you need to run to their side and when they can wait a few minutes. Even my doctor told me that its healthy for their lungs.

  7. Baby throw up and poop really isn’t all that bad. Yep, that’s right. Just wash your hands and keep moving.

  8. I only want to raise 1 baby at a time. Although patenthood has been an extremely rewarding experience,  I can only handle one child at a time. Not to mention, pampers and formula are really expensive!

  9. No matter how tired or frustrated you are, the face of your child immediately makes you feel  like everything will be okay. Whatever you were arguing about with your spouse is null and void the minute you gaze upon that sweet child’s face.

  10. New mom does not mean no life. I always said (pre-baby) that I was too selfish to have kids because I still enjoyed having a life. That is totally not true. Yes, you do have a limited social life, but that doesn’t mean its time to crawl under a rock and die. Find a wonderful babysitter and take advantage of “date night”, “girls night”, “mom night”, “dad night”, etc.

  11. If I didn’t know what love was before, I know now!

  12. I have learned real sacrifice. I have no problem going without so my child can have. None at all.

  13. I have learned how to protect.

What did you learn in 2013 as a new mom?


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